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Aquatic Plants

We deal with one of the largest aquatic nurseries in the east. Our plant selection is second to none. Hardy marginals to the finest of tropicals, submersibles to floaters, special requests are no problem as new stock is ordered weekly through out the season.  

Plant Tips for Ponds

We recommend approximatly 50-60% of your pond surface covered with plants. This can be achieved with any combination of aquatic plants. Waterlilies, shallow marginal plants, floating plants such as water hyacinths and water lettuce are a few examples. Plant coverage provides a dual purpose for your pond. The shade from the plants create a cooler enviroment as well as a safe haven for your fish to hide from predators.
Plants are an important component in filtration to keep your pond healthy and clear. Plants absorb the nitrates and phosphates which naturally occur in your pond from organic wastes breaking down. These wastes encourage and promote algae growth. Bottom line, the more plants you have the less algae issues you have to contend with.
Planting your pond not only helps with water clarity, they also break up and soften the rock edge, thus helping it blend into your surrounding landscape for that natural look.


Assorted Marginals
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Lilies and Lotus
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